New Research Focuses On The Need For DEI In Reproductive Medicine


New Research Focuses On The Need For DEI In Reproductive Medicine

Highlights From the American Society For Reproductive Medicine’s 2023 Scientific Congress

New Orleans, LA – New research presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress delves into the challenges faced by underrepresented populations in accessing reproductive healthcare, the systemic biases within the field, and the opportunities for improving DEI in this critical area of medicine.

The authors highlight disparities in access to reproductive medicine services among various demographic groups. Racial and ethnic minority communities often face barriers to accessing necessary care, including fertility treatments, finding donor gametes of the same race as the patient, and family planning services.

Dr. Michael Thomas, the current President and first African-American President of ASRM, stated, “This work underscores the urgent need for reproductive medicine to continue to become more inclusive and equitable. The healthcare system must evolve to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, have equal access to reproductive healthcare services and are treated with respect and dignity.”

This research marks a significant step forward in addressing the long-standing disparities in reproductive medicine. The findings will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare institutions, policymakers, and advocacy groups working toward a more equitable and inclusive future in reproductive medicine.


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