Guidelines for Media

Media Guidelines

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine welcomes members of the press, publishing in all forms of print, electronic, audio, and visual media, to cover our Scientific Congress & Expo.

Journalists receive complimentary registration, which includes a press badge, access to all sessions (with the exception of roundtable luncheons and post-graduate courses), and the press room with news briefings, wireless internet access, beverages, and light snacks.

Submission of the form does not guarantee that you will be approved to receive a press pass.  We will review the credentials of all journalists seeking to attend ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo to ensure that eligibility requirements are met. When your registration has been processed, we will email you to let you know so that you may then register for housing within ASRM’s discounted block. (Housing is not complimentary.)

Media Policies for Attending ASRM 

Media policies for attending ASRM aim to ensure that the event’s content, participants, and overall experience are protected and respected. Below is a list of media policies for conference attendees, press or otherwise:

  • No unauthorized recording: Attendees should refrain from recording audio, video, or taking photographs of any sessions or presentations without prior permission from the conference organizers.
  • Respect for speakers and presenters: Attendees should refrain from interrupting or disrupting speakers during their presentations and should avoid sharing or disseminating any content that misrepresents or takes statements out of context.
  • The Q&A portions of presentations are for meeting attendees. If you wish to ask questions, let an ASRM staff member know, and the ASRM press office will help you contact the speakers.
  • Social media guidelines: Attendees should follow the conference’s social media guidelines and refrain from posting offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory content related to the conference, its speakers, or fellow attendees.
  • Press and media registration: Journalists, reporters, or individuals representing media outlets should comply with the conference’s press registration process and adhere to any specific guidelines provided for media coverage.
  • Privacy and consent: Attendees should obtain explicit consent before taking photos or videos of other participants and should respect any requests from individuals who do not wish to be recorded or photographed.
  • Commercial use of media: Attendees should not use any conference media (photos, videos, presentations) for commercial purposes without obtaining proper authorization from the conference organizers.
  • Copyright and intellectual property: Attendees should respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights by not reproducing, distributing, or using copyrighted materials without permission from the original creators or owners.
  • Live streaming and broadcasting: Live streaming or broadcasting any conference sessions or content without the conference organizers’ approval is prohibited.
  • Sharing sensitive information: Attendees should avoid sharing sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information discussed during the conference, particularly when it relates to unpublished research or private discussions.
  • Harassment and respectful behavior: Attendees must treat others with respect and abide by the conference’s code of conduct. Harassment, bullying, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Non-disparagement: Attendees should refrain from making negative or disparaging remarks about the conference, its organizers, speakers, or participants in public forums or on social media.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: Attendees must comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to media usage, privacy, and intellectual property during the conference.
  • Reporting violations: If attendees witness any violations of the media policies or the conference’s code of conduct, they should report such incidents promptly to the conference organizers.