Case to Attend

Make the Case to Attend ASRM 2024

As someone in the field of reproductive health, you know how crucial it is to keep up with the latest in research, tech, and trends. But convincing your boss to invest in your growth, like going to the ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo, can be a tough sell. Yet, it’s a golden chance to boost your skills, expand your network, and uncover new opportunities. Your attendance is also an investment in the success of your clinic or organization.

Use these talking points to help build your case
to attend the ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo:

By attending the ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo, I can:
  • Stay up to date on trends in my profession.
  • Receive in-depth coverage of basic and clinical subjects.
  • Make new professional connections and learn from peers in sessions specific to my discipline/profession.
  • Learn strategies and solutions that simplify technology, reduce costs, and broaden accessibility to ART care teams.
  • Learn and hear from professionals who will provide ready-to-implement content and a hands-on experience.
Attending ASRM 2024 will allow me to earn needed CME or CE credits.

ASRM 2024 offers a considerable amount of CME credits and various CE credits to benefit multiple practice staff roles.

I plan to grow my career in the field of reproductive medicine, and the ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo has unique networking opportunities that will enhance my professional circle. These connections will help keep me up to date on the field and grow our team.

I can collaborate with my peers through the conference app, special events, and learning sessions. Growing my network gives me exposure to people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise that I can share ideas with throughout the year.

By attending, I will be exposed to new ideas and approaches to problem-solving that can increase my productivity and efficiency.

I will learn about new tools and technologies that can streamline my work and help me achieve my goals more effectively. This experience will provide learning that deepens my understanding of the job and inspires me to grow and develop in my role.

I am excited to leave the ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo with new information, new contacts, and a new appreciation for my profession and career path!