Nurses: Lead the Charge in Global Reproductive Health at ASRM 2024


Nurses: Lead the Charge in Global Reproductive Health at ASRM 2024

A woman dressed in green scrubs with brown hair tied in a pony tail cutches a clipboard and raises her hand towards the words "Global Health for Nurses" The ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo offers nurses a unique opportunity to elevate their impact on a global scale. Explore the dynamic intersection of nursing and global health, gain the tools to address critical challenges, and become a leader in fostering equitable care.

Empowering Nurses as Global Leaders:

NPG: REI Nursing Competencies- National and International Perspectives This course is designed to explore national and international perspectives of the REI Nurse as well as nursing competencies and standards.

Symposium Sessions:

Further enrich your practice with these sessions:

  • ESHRE: Polygenic Embryo Scores (PES): Delve into this emerging technology and its implications for patient education and counseling strategies across different healthcare systems.
  • CFAS: Microbiotas, Biomarkers, and Endometriosis: Explore the link between the gut microbiome and endometriosis, a condition with significant global prevalence. Learn how nurses can support patients facing this complex issue.

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