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Navigate the Emotional Landscape of Infertility: ASRM 2024 Presents Dedicated Clinical Sessions for Mental Health Providers

Calling all mental health providers dedicated to supporting individuals and families facing infertility!

The ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo recognizes the profound emotional impact of infertility. This year’s program boasts a dedicated focus on mental health with the MHPG Clinical Sessions, offering a unique platform for you to deepen your knowledge and refine your skills in supporting patients through this challenging journey.

Sharpen Your Approach, Empower Your Patients

Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or just starting your work in reproductive health, ASRM 2024 offers a valuable opportunity to:

  • Gain insights from leading experts: “MHPG: When the Field is Divided- Should We Test Partners of Gestational Carriers” will review the MHPG survey results, including comments regarding individual MHP’s rationale for including or not including psychologic evaluation of partners of gestational carriers. The presenters will summarize the pros and cons of each position and provide ample time for audience participation and discussion.
  • Enhance communication skills: “MHPG: Ethical and Cultural Considerations in Reproductive Care”  you will identify historical factors and determinants in reproductive medicine that maintain inequities in care access and disparities in treatment outcomes for racial minority women, explain three ethical principles in reproductive care necessary to address racial inequities, demonstrate three methods to practice cultural responsiveness and promote quality reproductive care for racial minority women, and refine your communication strategies to build trust, empathy, and empower patients to make informed decisions.
  • Connect with a supportive community: Network with other mental health professionals in the field, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Stay informed on the latest research: With, “MHPG: Weathering as Potential Stressor in Reproductive Medicine- Should We Be Talking about Stress Differently? Implications for Medical Treatment and Mental Health” dive into a cross-disciplinary discourse on the concept of weathering, the difference between acute stress and toxic stress, and its impact on reproductive health, infertility, and pregnancy outcomes.

Invest in Your Expertise

The ASRM 2024 program for mental health providers features dedicated sessions tailored to your specific needs. The ASRM 2024 program for mental health providers is an invaluable investment in your professional development, allowing you to refine your skills, expand your knowledge base, and become a more effective resource for individuals and families facing infertility. Check out our full category of Mental Health Professional sessions at ASRM 2024.

Save your spot today and embark on a journey dedicated to enhancing your expertise and supporting patients on their path to parenthood.