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Lab Professionals: Forge the Future of Global Reproductive Care at ASRM 2024

A woman in a lab coat holds a beaker and clipboard beside the words "Global Health for lab professionals" The ASRM 2024 Scientific Congress & Expo offers a unique platform for embryologists to shape the future of global reproductive care. Dive into the critical intersection of embryology and global health, exploring innovative solutions to improve access and optimize outcomes for patients worldwide.

Elevating Embryology’s Global Impact:

Symposium Session:

Further enrich your expertise with these sessions:

  • TSRM: Fine Tuning Frozen Embryo Transfers Refine your technical skills and delve into optimized protocols for frozen embryo transfer. This can significantly improve outcomes and accessibility for patients facing logistical challenges.
  • ESHRE: Polygenic Embryo Scores (PES): Explore the potential of PES to inform embryo selection strategies, fostering more personalized and potentially more successful treatment approaches for patients globally.

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