Honoring the Legacy of the ASRM Sessions Management Volunteers


Honoring the Legacy of the ASRM Sessions Management Volunteers

In a significant decision that reflects ASRM’s evolving landscape, we announce the sunset of the ASRM Sessions Management Committee, otherwise known as the “Redcoats”, who have shown unwavering dedication and made invaluable contributions to the ASRM annual meeting for more than four decades.

For years, these dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of our events, guide attendees, and share their wealth of institutional knowledge. Their commitment has been instrumental in making our meeting a resounding success, year after year.

As ASRM has grown in size and scope, so have our capabilities in managing and organizing the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo. Additionally, we recognize that many of the Redcoats have retired or face challenges that may make regular attendance challenging. Despite these circumstances, their dedication has remained steadfast, and we are profoundly grateful for their service.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every member of the ASRM Sessions Management Committee over the years for their outstanding service. As we move forward, we hope to continue engaging with our committee members and leveraging their expertise in new and meaningful ways. Their wisdom and experience helped shape our meeting and will remain invaluable to us.