What Women Want: Survey Shows Women’s Patterns and Desires About Contraception


What Women Want: Survey Shows Women’s Patterns and Desires About Contraception

Philadelphia, PA – Research presented at the 75th Scientific Congress and Expo of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine reveals interesting patterns about how women use contraception now, and what their preferences might be moving forward.

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati surveyed patients at the University’s Women’s Health Clinics. A little over 100 women participated. 26% of the respondents indicated they have had an unplanned pregnancy and 20% have had a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). 95% of the women sexually attracted to men had used some form of contraception, with a hormonal pill, at 85%, being the most popular. 15% of the women reported being unable to, or unsure if they were able to use their preferred contraceptive method; 13% reported pressure from a partner not to use contraception; and 22% reported feeling pressured not to use a method for STI protection. When asked if they would be interested in a self-administered product to prevent both pregnancy and STI’s, 39% reported they would with another 31% reporting they were unsure.

“If we are to advance contraceptive offerings, it is vital we do the work to find out what patients are looking for,” said Michael Thomas MD, ASRM Secretary and one of the co-authors of the study.

“A better understanding of the science behind contraception and the ways to translate that science to the care of patients are both essential as we work on new contraceptives. This work provides important insights into how women use contraceptive methods, and what they need from that use,” stated Catherine Racowsky, PhD, President-elect of the ASRM.

P-498 Hurley et al, Reproductive Age Women are Interested in Self-administered Vaginal Contraceptives that Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections

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