Join Us for These Industry Supported Educational Symposia During #ASRM2020


Join Us for These Industry Supported Educational Symposia During #ASRM2020

Saturday, October 17
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT

Simplify Patient Retention and IVF Utilization with the Univfy® AI Platform

The Univfy® AI Platform helps women and couples navigate their family-building options with cost-savings, greater success and a simplified experience. Univfy’s aggregate business results show that patients counseled by their providers with the support of Univfy are 2-5x more likely to use IVF treatment when needed over a first or repeat IUI or no treatment. Join us to learn how Univfy’s AI-assisted counseling tools can help you increase patient retention, IVF conversion for patients who are good candidates, and motivate patients to complete their diagnostic work up and follow up. The Univfy AI platform, used by fertility specialists in 17 states across the US and Canada, provides personalized reports that counsel patients from diverse demographics about their probability of having a baby with IVF.

Univfy’s methods have been published in top, peer-reviewed research publications, in which we reported and established benchmarks for measuring the performance of our clinical IVF outcomes predictive model. Through technology developed by Stanford University researchers, Univfy uses a rigorous scientific process to develop and validate prediction models and to provide essential information to support shared decision-making between physicians and patients.

Presented by Mylene Yao, MD, Co-Founder and CEO, Univfy®, Alissa Barrie, Patient Care Advocate, Main Line Fertility, John Frederick Payne, MD, Director of Third-Party Reproduction, Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, and Laura April Gago, MD, Medical Director, Gago Center for Fertility. Moderated by Heather Holland, Director of Communications, Univfy®.

Supported by Univfy®.
Does not offer CE/CME.

Monday, October 19
11:15 AM – 12:05 PM EDT

The Hidden Risks of Current IVF Biorepository Operations

With the success of vitrification, IVF clinics have experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of frozen fertility specimens under their management. The resulting system is not only costly, time-consuming, and risky for specimens, but also unsafe and stressful for embryologists. New research from Accenture and TMRW Life Sciences sheds light on just how much this high-risk system is costing clinics–and what they can do about it.

Presented by Alan Murray, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, TMRW Life Sciences, Inc., Melanie Goldey, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, TMRW Life Sciences, Inc., and Michael Collins, PhD, Executive Director, Scientific Affairs, TMRW Life Sciences, Inc.

Supported by TMRW.
Does not offer CE/CME.

Monday, October 19th
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Reducing Stress for Embryos and Embryologists: Time-Lapse, AI and Antioxidants Working Together

Improving culture media with antioxidants and how purpose-designed, time-lapse Incubators for human embryo culture permit almost constant visualization of the embryo, which allows minimal disturbance and aids workflow efficiency gains. Additionally, morphokinetics and now artificial intelligence, provide more objective tools to support embryo selection.

Presented by David K. Gardner, PhD, Melbourne IVF and School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne.

Supported by Vitrolife.
Does not offer CE/CME.

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