Important Message from ASRM Regarding the Corona Virus and COVID-19


Important Message from ASRM Regarding the Corona Virus and COVID-19

ASRM is carefully monitoring the on-going situation concerning the novel Corona virus (SARS-COV-2) and COVID-19 disease.

As we make decisions about ASRM organizational functions and activities, and participation in our own or others events, we will rely on the latest information available from the CDC, WHO and other sources, as well as our own commitment to evidence-based medicine, the health of our members, leaders and staff, and our obligation to promote public health.

Moving forward, each event or commitment will be evaluated using our best risk/benefit assessment, for the organization, the individual ASRM staff, volunteers and participants, and the mission of ASRM. We also will consider timing, trying to be as proactive as possible and provide as much lead time as reasonably possible. And, we will continuously monitor the situation, attempting to ensure we have and can provide you with the best information about COVID-19 and the best practices being developed by other organizations.

At this time, the CDC and WHO have not advised shutting down air travel in the United States and no wide-spread travel restrictions have been enacted. However, we recognize that many individual organizations have implemented widespread travel bans for their staff and employees, and many others have cancelled meetings and other events that were to occur in the next 60-90 days.

Always, we encourage everyone to follow the advice provided by the CDC available here. We should all recognize that the situation remains very fluid and could change rapidly. Please check the ASRM website regularly for updates. If you have any questions or need further information, you may contact ASRM at (205) 978-5000 or via e-mail at

Ricardo Azziz, M.B.A., M.D., M.P.H.

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