Dr. Michael Snyder to discuss Big Data for Health and Pregnancy


Dr. Michael Snyder to discuss Big Data for Health and Pregnancy

Speaker Spotlight

Michael Snyder, Ph.D.

Monday October 18, 9:15 – 10:00 am

We are excited to introduce Michael P. Snyder, Ph.D. as a plenary speaker at the ASRM 2021 Scientific Congress & Expo. His plenary is titled, Big Data for Health and Pregnancy on Monday, October 18, 2021, 9:15 am to 10:00 am.

This plenary lecture will show how big data can be used to profile health and detect disease early. Metabolomics profiling of pregnancy reveals key metabolites that change during pregnancy and can be used to predict gestational age and time to delivery.

Michael Snyder, Ph.D. is the Stanford Ascherman Professor and Chair of Genetics and the Director of the Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine. Dr. Snyder received his Ph.D. training at the California Institute of Technology and carried out postdoctoral training at Stanford University. He is a leader in the field of functional genomics and proteomics. His laboratory study was the first to perform a large-scale functional genomics project in any organism, and currently carries out a variety of projects in the areas of genomics and proteomics both in yeast and humans. These include the large-scale analysis of proteins using protein microarrays and the global mapping of the binding sites of chromosomal proteins. His laboratory built the first proteome chip for any organism and the first high resolution tiling array for the entire human genome.


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Benefiting the ASRM Research Institute

All Congress attendees are invited to a festive evening of fine dining at the ASRM President’s Gala on Sunday, October 17th beginning at 6 pm. Purchase your ticket when you register for the Congress.

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