Check Out the #ASRM2020 Virtual Expo Hall TODAY!


Check Out the #ASRM2020 Virtual Expo Hall TODAY!

Visit the #ASRM2020 Virtual Expo Hall and engage with our 2020 exhibitors. Just log in to:

  1. Say hello via video chat
  2. Email exhibitors, or
  3. Click the request info button

It’s fast and easy–and you don’t have to walk! Just click on the red banner labeled, “Visit the Virtual Expo Hall” in the center of the live Congress home page, and you will be instantly taken to the Expo Hall. Sort exhibitors by name using the sort box in the top right of your screen or peruse the alphabetical list of exhibitors on the page. It’s never been easier!.

Click on the exhibitors you want to visit and check out their booths including products and services offered, videos, websites and more! Then, send them a message, make a request or say hello via their virtual chat box.

How many Exhibitors can you say hello to before the end of the day?