Advocacy is Everywhere

Advocacy is Everywhere

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 10 AM-3 PM

New to ASRM 2023: Unleash the activist within you by visiting our four pop-up Advocacy stations during the Congress on Tuesday, October 17! Here’s what’s in store:

Station 1: HEAR FROM EXPERT ADVOCATES ALL DAY LONG! Step up to our soapbox and immerse yourself in dynamic, bite-sized presentations from invited experts throughout the day. Gain valuable insights on topics relevant to your practice and patients, fueling your passion for advocacy.

Station 2: SIGN OUR ASRM 2023 SIGNATURE WALL! Proudly leave your mark by signing your name, organization, or a meaningful message. Capture the moment with social media-worthy photos, becoming part of the living timeline of ASRM 2023.

Station 3: GET LOCAL! Discover the power of local advocacy as our experts guide you in locating and contacting your local and national elected officials. Embrace your role as a change-maker for reproductive health providers and engage in meaningful, community-based advocacy.

Station 4: GET LOUD! Raise your voice with ease at our letter-writing and voter registration booth. Verify your voter registration and access practical examples to communicate with your elected officials effectively. Leave equipped and ready to make a difference.

Join us in this transformative journey of education, empowerment, and activism – because together, we will shape a brighter future for reproductive health!