ASRM Event Code of Conduct

ASRM is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for all ASRM event attendees regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, experience, or religion (or lack thereof). ASRM does not tolerate harassment or hostility in any form. Registered event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event at the discretion of ASRM staff, and other appropriate action may be taken against violators where applicable.

Code of Conduct

ASRM is committed to providing a professional, collegial, safe, supportive, and respectful in-person and on-demand meeting environment. We expect individuals to uphold the professional and educational purposes of ASRM and its events by respecting the rights, privacy, safety, and dignity of all persons. All participants must exercise professionalism, consideration, and respect in their speech and actions. ASRM expects individuals to refrain from harassing speech and other harassing behavior. Participants include, but are not limited to, attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, ASRM staff members, service providers, and all others.

Scope and Application

The Event Code of Conduct applies to any gathering or event that is hosted or sponsored by ASRM, including, but not limited to, educational sessions, exhibits, committee meetings, written comment and discussion groups, professional gatherings, and platforms and settings ancillary thereto. This Code of Conduct applies to any and all participants in ASRM events.

Expected Behavior

  • Be considerate, respectful, and collaborative.
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech.
  • Be mindful of your fellow participants. Alert conference organizers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.
  • Participate in an authentic and active way.
  • Refrain from unprofessional or disrespectful attire.

Unacceptable Behavior

ASRM has “zero-tolerance” for any form of discrimination or harassment. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unwelcome and uninvited attention or contact with another participant;
  • Verbal or written comments, or visual images, that are sexually suggestive, or that denigrate or show hostility or aversion toward an individual, or group of individuals, or that create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment, or that unreasonably interfere with an individual’s ability to participate in the event;
  • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other unwelcome physical, verbal, visual, or other conduct of a sexual nature;
  • Intimidating, harassing, abusive, defamatory, profane, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech;
  • Deliberate intimidation or stalking;
  • Harassing photography or recording;
  • Sustained or repeated disruption of talks or other events;
  • Actual or threatened personal or professional retaliation for a rejection or report of unacceptable behavior;
  • Failing to stop unacceptable behavior when requested by a participant or ASRM.

Reporting Unacceptable Behavior

Any participant whose safety is threatened or violated is urged to contact local law enforcement immediately. In addition, any participant who feels unsafe or experiences unwelcome conduct, who observes or experiences unacceptable behavior, or who believes there has been a violation of this Code of Conduct, is encouraged to send an e-mail to Reports may be anonymous or attributed. ASRM will use its best efforts to respond to a participant in no more than six hours during event days and one business day when content is available on-demand, recognizing that it will not be possible to follow up directly with a participant whose report is anonymous, and that ASRM may have less ability to investigate fully an anonymous report.

Any ASRM staff member who experiences unacceptable behavior or observes unacceptable behavior toward another staff member is encouraged to report the incident to his/her/their immediate supervisor, or any manager. Staff members may also choose the reporting methods described above.

Consequences of Reported Unacceptable Behavior

Upon receiving a report of unacceptable behavior, ASRM’s first priority will be the safety and security of participants. In order to preserve a safe, educational environment, ASRM reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate specific features available to a participant or to suspend or terminate the participant’s entire account. When facts are in dispute or cannot be fully established, ASRM reserves the right to take the action most likely to safeguard safety and security of participants, including termination of a participant’s account for the remainder of the event.

Violation of this Code of Conduct, as determined by ASRM at its sole discretion, is grounds for any action that ASRM deems appropriate, including but not limited to, warning the offender, denying the offender access to an ASRM event (including revoking or denying registration to an ASRM event), suspending or terminating the offender’s access to the ASRM event, and barring the offender from other ASRM events. ASRM reserves the right to take whatever action it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, with respect to the investigation of any matters related to this Code of Conduct.

Any person who is denied access to, or whose access is terminated during an ASRM event, based on this Code of Conduct, may request that ASRM review the matter after the event has concluded. However, ASRM’s action will be effective immediately and will continue until and unless ASRM issues a contrary decision. Unless a contrary decision is issued, any person who is denied access to or removed from an ASRM event, based on this Code of Conduct, will not be eligible for a refund of any registration fees paid for access to or participation in the ASRM event.

Communication from ASRM

ASRM will communicate with an individual who reports unacceptable behavior if the individual chooses to submit an attributed report. ASRM also will communicate with an individual about whom a report has been made, to the extent that ASRM is able to identify and contact that individual. The nature, scope, and content of any such communication is at the sole discretion of ASRM. If warranted, ASRM may communicate more broadly with participants at an ASRM event. ASRM has the right to communicate about its responses under this Code of Conduct to the employers or sponsors of involved participants, vendors, local law enforcement, media, and the public as ASRM deems reasonable and appropriate.

Ricardo Azziz, MD, MPH, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, ASRM