ASRM 2021 Scientific Congress & Expo Fraud Alerts


ASRM 2021 Scientific Congress & Expo Fraud Alerts

Please be aware of the following scams associated with the ASRM 2021 Scientific Congress & Expo:

Email Phishing Scams Offering Meeting Attendee Lists

If you receive an e-mail solicitation offering a pre-attendee or attendee e-mail meeting list for the 2021 ASRM Scientific Expo and Congress, do not respond and delete it immediately. This is a phishing scam and attempt to gain information and entrance into your e-mail portal. Below is an example of these types of e-mails. Most are coming from persons claiming to be event and tradeshow specialists. ASRM does not provide e-mail addresses to any third party for these purposes. ASRM does not sell or provide attendee lists to third parties for resell.

Fraudulent ASRM Congress Websites

Like many other conferences, scammers have created at least one fraudulent ASRM Congress website as a phishing tool. Please be aware that a fraudulent site may appear in a Google search for the Congress. To access the legitimate ASRM 2021 Congress site, please visit only