ASRM 2021 is on demand through December 31st!


ASRM 2021 is on demand through December 31st!

Whether you were unable to attend ASRM 2021 in person, or you want to watch sessions you missed, the ASRM 2021 On-Demand Congress is available now through December 31, 2021!

Featured Speakers

Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D.
President’s Guest Plenary Lecture: CRISPR: Rewriting DNA and the Future of Humanity

Michael Snyder Ph.D.
Big Data for Health and Pregnancy

Alan W. Flake, M.D., FACS, FAAP
The David and Rosemary Adamson Lecture on Excellence in Reproductive Medicine: A Supportive Physiologic Environment for the Extreme Premature Infant, Progress and Future Application

Marc Goldstein, M.D.
American Urological Association (AUA) Bruce Stewart Memorial Lecture: Compelling Evidence that Collaboration with Qualified Male Reproductive Urologists Improves ART Outcomes

Heidi Cook-Andersen, M.D., Ph.D.
Uncovering the Molecular Determinants of Successful Implantation in the Human Blastocyst

Amander T. Clark, Ph.D.
Camran Nezhat, M.D. Lectureship in Innovations in Medicine: In Vitro Gametogenesis: Considerations for Reversing Infertility

Henry T. Greely, J.D.
Stem Cell-Derived Gametes — How They May Change Human Reproduction

Regine Sitruk-Ware, M.D.
Contraception Keynote Lecture: New Frontiers in Contraception Research

P. Jeremy Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
The Society for the Study of Reproduction Keynote Lecture: Genetic Basis of Meiotic Catastrophe: From Mice to Men

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D.
Herbert H. Thomas Plenary Lecture: Applications of Nuclear Transplantation in Reproductive Medicine

Eli Y. Adashi, M.D.
Past and Future of IVF

Dan C. Martin, M.D.
The Society of Reproductive Surgeons Lecture: A History of and Future For Endometriosis Surgery – What I Wish I Had Known in 1979

Howard N. Hodis, M.D.
Menopause Keynote Lecture: Menopausal HRT and Reduction of CVD and All-Cause Mortality: It’s About Time and Timing

Buzzworthy Sessions

The On-Demand Congress gives you access to these sessions that were popular in Baltimore:

PGT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

James A Grifo, MD, PhD
New York University

Mike Large, PhD

Mark Hughes, PhD

This symposium focuses on giving the audience an overview of the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of PGT in the IVF clinic. The first speaker will describe how the technology has evolved to arrive where we are today. The second speaker will discuss current PGT modalities and the latest outcome data. The last speaker will give the audience a glimpse into the future of PGT.

The Impact of Private Equity on the Fertility Industry

Derek Larkin, JD, MBA
In Vitro Sciences

Peter Klatsky, MD
Spring Fertility

Brad Senstra, MHA
Seattle Reprodutive Medicine

Private Equity (PE) continues to make a substantial impact to the fertility market. We will explore the different types of PE firms, the deals they are making with fertility practices, the impact to practice financials, and the potential impact to patient care. This session will outline decision making and experience with private equity from two experienced Reproductive Mangers and one experienced physician partner.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the IVF Laboratory

Alan Copperman, MD

Richard Slifkin, BA, TS(ABB), CLT(NYS)
RMA of New York

Danielle Soltesz, MBA, MPH
RMA of New York

The speakers will introduce how data can be used to create patient support tools as well as dashboards and widgets that drive decisions and quality control within the modern fertility practice and the modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies laboratory. Inputs through medical records and patient portals can be converted into journey level data that drive workflow efficiency and critical outcome measures. Accessed by both embryology and clinical leadership, simple real and artificial intelligence tools can save hours of administrative time and lead to enhanced results.

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